Tuesday, 15 November 2016


I will like to introduce you to a platform that gives me alert everyday...
ICHARITY ....An oppotunity practise in over 35 countries...a way to come out of the heat of recession personally.
Many are scared of loosing just 6k...I think u should ask the millionaire around to know the weight of the risk they take on daily basis..
If you want to change ur poverty status...
Then you need to do the needful...
And start taking giant step...
ICHARITY... A stress free way of making millions....
I charity is a platform where members donate to members....
With just #6000 that's guarantee of 100% returns which is also a one time investment...
You are on your way to making millions
STAGE ONE : 5 people donate to you 6000×5=30,000 then you are through with stage one. you upgrade wt 12k and you move to stage 2
STAGE TWO: 25 people donate 12,000 to you 12,000×25=300,000

STAGE THREE: 125 people donate 24,000 to you 24,000×125=3,000,000
STAGE FOUR: 625 people donate 36,000 to you 36,000×625=22,500,000

STAGE FIVE: 3125 people donate 60,000 to you 60,000×3125=187,500,000
This is the power of 6,000
Just dare to join and thank me later.
What makes ICHARITY special is that....
1.The first person that uses your link to register pays u back directly into your bank account and thereby making ur investment zero investment.
2..You get downlines in 3 ways
  • Direct referral
  • Spillover &
  • Randomization.
3.Your stress on how to get downlines end in grade 1 as the system automatically gives u people to pay you from grade 2 upward..
4..Icharity is a one time investment..6k to get 30k..and 12k to get 300k..
I.e..just with ur 6k..u can get 30k in grade 1.. u remove ur starting up money WC is 6k ,then u are left with 24k on which u will upgrade with 12k and 25 persons will pay u 12k each
U can't lose your money..
5. Money is paid directly into your bank account
6 No selling of anything
7 No buying of anything.
8.No intermediate system..
9. Multiple account allowed..
10.The start up money is considerably reasonable..
11. Its 100% Real.
12. Your money is ur money.. It means any money that needed to be paid to u can't go to another upline...
Don't limit yourself with the fear of losing just 6k...in which u can never loose when it comes to ICHARITY.
Your start up money is 100% guaranteed returns..
Recession has brought us online opportunity...
Don't let it pass you bye...
Many are really making it in various online opportunity.
..This is the real deal...
For proofs of payment,alert,more details about Icharity... Contact/WhatsApp on 08173419664..or click this link below to
You will surely thank me later if you dare to start..!!!


Jack Ma - the founder of Alibaba said: *"The worst people on earth to serve are the POOR PEOPLE"*

POOR:  *meaning*  "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"

*See the reasons below:*

1)Give them for free, they will think it is a trap.

2)Tell them it's a small investment, they will say you can't earn much.

3)Tell them to come in BIG, they will say "I don't have any money".

4)Tell them to try new things, they will say "no experience; has it been proven to work? Who has gained from it before?".

5)Tell them it's a traditional business, they'll say "it's too HARD to do".

6)Tell them it is a new business model, they will say "I don't do network marketing and how many years has this business model been existing?".

7)Tell them to run a shop, they will say "I will be tied down, I'll have no freedom".

8)Tell them to follow a 1-year business plan, they will say "it's too long. Please, I can't wait for so long".

9)Ask them what can they do? They will say "I can do ANYTHING"(no sense of specification).

10)They like to ask friends who are as hopeless as themselves to get their opinions. Even the Bible acknowledges the fact that blind people don't lead blind people.

11) They think more than a University Professor and do less than a blind man.

One major challenge POOR people have is "LACK OF ACTION!"
The earlier one realizes that their success is not in anyone's hand the better for them.

The truth is no one is going to help you to be successful in life. You have to be determined and diligent at pursuing your goals. Broaden your mind, see possibilities, be sensitive to opportunities, start small, aim so high and go for your high aims, leave no stone unturned, leave no gaps unfilled, stop waiting for your brother or your sister in UK to help you, truth is they too are there busy looking for help, so lest you die waiting for their help, it's high time you got serious with your life and took your life seriously

Look within you, look around you, there are countless opportunities you alone can take advantage of, in fact you can start from nothing, and become so great in it.

I can't believe what taking the iCharity opportunity has tuned me into financially just in less than 3weeks.

You too can start today. http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=abbasson

But Please don't click the link until you're ready to pay 6000 naira (because my downlines will gladly reject you if waste their time.
Register well and perfectly(you may call me on how to do that effectively and for all your enquiries. 08173419664)

Wealthcome to a success filled day
Grace to you.